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Celebrating 10 Years 

On-Site Sewage Facilities (OSSF)

Xyron Environmental prides itself on being one of the honest and competent leaders in the Texas wastewater industry (septic systems & aerobic treatment units).

Our comprehensive services include:

    Designs, Site Evaluations & Inspections    
  • Conventional Lateral Line "Septic Systems"
  • Low Pressure Dosing Systems
  • ET (Evapotranspiration Systems)
  • Aerobic Treatment Units with surface disposal or drip emitters 
  • Real Estate Inspections
  • Contract DR (designated representative) inspections and enforcement for large and small entities
  • And more...
  •  Permitting Services...we can do all the paperwork!  

  • WE DO IT ALL!!!! All the leg work.    
  • We do the site evaluations, designs, affidavits, notary, public filings, agency applications, and jump through all the bureaucratic hoops to get the permit.
  • For large or small OSSF companies, homeowners, and more... 



    We do the paperwork - you put the systems in the ground!


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Registered Professional Sanitarian

Proudly serving Texas!

"Services on the Cutting-Edge!"
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